Kakebo app

Kakebo app is online application for expense tracker, budget, money manager inspired by the Japanese book Kakebo, the book of household accounts. The Japanese art of saving day after day.

Family and personal expenses management

Kakebo app is a tool for the optimal management of the family budget that allows you to record all the financial movements in and out, keeping the accounts in order.

Increase savings

The Kakebo app organizes the data and makes them available for in-depth analysis. This helps to reflect on spending habits and identify the critical voices on which to act, favoring the reduction of waste and the increase in savings.

Monitoring of expenses

With the Kakebo app it is easy to monitor your daily expenses, check your accounts and manage your money better. Kakebo helps to better understand when it is possible to treat yourself to a special purchase and when it is appropriate to save.

Kakebo app
the Japanese method of tracking household expenses

Reach the goals

Use the management of the object to obtain the Kakebo app for stabilization which will soon be completed.

The accounts in order, every month

Kakebo app gives you a well-organized view of economic resources helping you to consciously decide on how to avoid waste and save money.

kakebo app

Fix your savings

Kakebo App helps you save money because it allows you to track income and expenses by raising awareness in money management.

Eliminate hidden charges

App Kakebo allows you to eliminate all unnecessary expenses, offering you an organized management of the personal budget, simple and intuitive.

Other characteristics

App Kakebo

Cloud e Mobile

The Kakebo app allows you to monitor day-to-day home accounting, in total mobility, from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets or from your computer.

App Kakebo

Security and privacy

The security of your data is guaranteed by the best business solutions on the market and the integrity of continuous backups. For the management of data privacy we adopt the provisions of the European GDPR legislation.

"Excellent application to keep costs under control and identify waste. Well set up and easy to fill out. I highly recommend it."
Francesca B.
"I lost sight of my expenses, and with this app I am regaining control. It takes perseverance, but it does make people aware of the expenses."
Andrea M.
Simple, clear, effective! It helps you have goals and respect them. Any advice? Update it every day or it will be difficult to remember daily expenses after a week.
Marco S.

Application price

  • Free for all 2019!
  • Try it for free and without obligation throughout this year and then decide whether to purchase the license.
  • 15,90 € / per year
  • * price is VAT including
  • Try it now!


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